Ass, Bats, and Your Balls

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Ass, Bats, and Your Balls

Kali wants to score. She wants to go to first base, steal second and third on the first date. And what does a chick with a thick ass like that require to get her to slide into home like a champ? She needs a guy who can swing his big bat and help her hit a home run. "If a guy wants to fuck me then he has to be willing to get wild and loose. I can't stand it when a guy just wants to lay there and let me do all the fucking because he likes my ass and wants to watch it bounce up and down on his dick.

If you like what you see, then you had better do something about it, baby." And what guy wouldn't want to do things to her ass? "You better grab that ass, smack it and hold on while you fuck me. I like for my partner and I to be a team in the bedroom. I give a little, he gives a little. Know what I mean?" Of course we do, Kali. We'd put in extra innings with you.

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