Caramel Cushion

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Caramel Cushion

Caramel Cushion

Welcome to BootyLicious, Hollywood. Tell us all about that ass of yours.

"Thank you! I am really excited to be modeling because I read your magazine all the time and have always wanted to pose. About my ass, well, my ass needs to be pleased. I like it when a man treats my ass like it is gold. That means he falls to his knees and he spreads my ass open and gets to licking right away. You can always tell a booty lover right off the bat because they know exactly how to work your asshole with their tongue. They are not shy about sticking their tongue as far in your asshole as they can."

Can you cum from having your asshole tonguefucked?

"[Laughs.] I call my asshole my second pussy because it is very sensitive. If a guy fucks it with his tongue or even with his fingers, it makes me crazy. I start going wild and I lose control. My thighs start to shake and my pussy starts contracting by itself. On more than one occasion, my pussy has squirted cum all over a guy's chin while he was eating my asshole. If you eat it, I'll cum. It feels so good that I just go off!"

What other things make you cum that hard, Hollywood?

"Black guys! [Laughs.] I love to fuck black guys with big dicks. No offense to Latin and white guys because they are good, too, but black guys know how to lay the dick down. And they know how to fuck a thick woman like me. They appreciate all my curves. I have a lot of ass and it can be intimidating to some men, but not black guys. I like black men who can rap and know how to dress well. And the way I am built, they like me, too."

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