Gemini Likes To Be Watched

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Gemini Likes To Be Watched

BootyLicious: First I want to ask you something else. Do you ever get nervous before you do a sex scene?

Gemini Lovell: Yes, I always do. BootyLicious: How do you overcome that when you are on set? Gemini Lovell: Um, I try to not think about all the things that make me nervous. It's usually about how I look or whether I know the male stud I am going to do a scene with. It's just all the things that every woman thinks about before sex. You I looking right? Will he be into me? All that. I just push it out of my mind and I get into it. BootyLicious: Do you get nervous about people being on the set. Gemini Lovell: [Laughs.] Oh, no. Never that. Like I said, I like being naked. And to be honest, I like people watching me. I like to have sex and look at the camera man or the grips on set and see them getting turned on by watching me fuck. Sometimes you are in a sex position where you can't see the person you are having sex with. Like if you are in doggie-style. So, I like to look at the people watching me and if they are turned on, it helps me cum.

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