Greased Up To Get Down

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Greased Up To Get Down

Greased Up To Get Down

Welcome back, Talana. In the Aug. '08 issue you gave us all a sneak peek of your freaky side...

"[Laughs.] Yup! And I told you guys about how I liked to have sex. Well, I decided to come back and this time, instead of telling you, I am going to show you how I like to have sex. I thought it would be exciting to get my fuck on and show the world how I like to get oily and then kinky. And it was really good because the guy I had sex with was really into it and his dick was huge!"

When you have sex, what positions get you off the best? Do you like it when a guy plays with your asshole? Would you let him put it in your tight asshole?

"I never used to be into anything that remotely involved anal before, but now I am kind of considering it. I was watching a porno one night and I saw a girl getting banged and the guy was tapping his finger on her asshole while they were in doggie-style. I thought it would be fun to try, so I started playing with my asshole while I masturbate and it felt amazing. Especially when I am about to cum. I'll rub on my clit really fast and on my asshole at the same time and it does it for me."

So, did you just tap and rub your asshole or did you go all the way and stick a few of your horny fingers in there, too, Talana. You can tell us the truth.

"[Laughs.] Okay, okay...I started off rubbing on it, but then I got curious about fingering it, you know, 'cause it was starting to feel good. After I came a few times by rubbing my clit, I did put some fingers in my ass and you know what? I thought I wouldn't like it, but I really did. It made me cum even harder than I had before. And my fingers just slid right in. I even put a big toy in there and imagined how a cock would feel in there, too. I guess I might just be ready to try anal!

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