Love Cushion

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Love Cushion

In the April '08 issue, you said that you were a nice girl, Navaeh...

"Yes, I did. And I also said that I would suck your dick down to the balls! [Laughs.] You want to know if I am still a freak in the sheets and a lady in the streets? The answer is YES! I am from the South and I was raised to be naughty and nice!" And what kind of new and freaky adventures have you been having these days? "You know what I have been really into these days? Stripper poles and dancing for my booty calls in the privacy of my own home. It's great because I have a portable pole and I can set it up in my living room or even in my bedroom. Then I put on sexy lingerie and I dance for my men. They love it because I strip my clothes off and do all sorts of booty clapping and tricks. And if you haven't fucked on a stripper pole, you haven't lived!" What is your best pole trick? "I climb to the top of the pole and I lean back, hanging off with my ankles holding me up. Then I suck cock upside down. It's easier to deep throat in that position."

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