Roxy Reynolds – Roxy Reynolds, Head Nurse

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Roxy Reynolds, Head Nurse

If all nurses were like Roxy, nobody would ever get better, but everybody would get off.

"I think my best attribute is my mouth," Roxy said. "I love watching a guy's reaction when I give head. The only type of porn movies I watch are blow job movies. But most guys would say my ass is my best attribute, especially when I'm sitting on their faces. I love sitting on a guy's face and getting head from the back."

Roxy loves riding cock, too. We think her best feature is that she's a slut who loves to fuck. And give head. She's the Head Nurse. The Booty Nurse, too.

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Gabrielle Love – Nothing but curves

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Nothing but curves

"I love having a curvy body," says 34HH-32-48 Gabrielle Love of Long Beach, California. "I think that it's great that I have what a lot of women pay lots of money to get. I don't mind when men look at me, either. It's natural for men to see a woman they find attractive and react to her. I like receiving compliments about how I look. Guys should just be honest and polite about it and women won't mind it."

In other words, don't walk up to her and grab her tits or slap her ass. But you can say, "You have beautiful tits," or, "I love your ass." That's okay.

"I was on a date and we went for a walk along the beach at night," Gabrielle said. "We had sex in the sand and someone was watching us the whole time. I saw him in the distance. It really turned me on!"

Gabrielle can get as kinky as the next girl, but...

"What really gets me going is kissing. I know it sounds very tame, but I actually like passionate kisses all over my body. I like when a man is inside me really deep and is kissing me at the same time. And I love oral, but I think every woman likes having her pussy licked."

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Sara Jay – Zebra Girl

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Zebra Girl

Sara Jay is as famous for her wide-screen ass-cheeks as she is for her big tits and deep-throating mouth. In this scene, Asante is all over Sara's huge jugs like black on white. He checks out the blonde porn star's booty, a butt built like a black or Latina girl's ass. Sara wears black and white striped skin-tight jeggings that wrap around her butt like plastic wrap. She is very proud of that ass.

"I like to show my ass off, so I'll turn around and show it to the guy, and that way he can see his cock going in and out of my cunt while he looks at my ass," she said. "And maybe he plays with my ass, too. You know, pulls it apart and squeezes it and all."

He have to love a girl who refers to her pussy as her cunt.

Known for her love of black cocksmen, Sara wants his hard sausage to titty-fuck her. She kneels first, then gets on her back so he can bang her boobs, her well-known pierced tongue outstretched to flick and suck the head as it pushes towards her mouth.

"My tongue piercing is like a weight," Sara said. "My tongue is really strong and goes really fast because of that tongue weight in there. It's like a dumbbell. It's good for cootchie licking, too."

When Sara rides Asante's cock, her booty shakes and quivers like there's an earthquake going on. The girl is into it. That's why she's the one and only Sara Jay.

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Sara Jay – Sara Jay; Sugar Seat

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Sara Jay; Sugar Seat

The incomparable Sara Jay came to our studios and went to town on this cock like nobody's business. And when it comes to cocks, especially black cocks, Sara Jay is in the biz of blowing loads!

"You have to be in tune with what your partner wants and then you have to deliver that to him or her," Sara Jay said. "The best lays are very giving and perceptive. When I go down on someone, I listen to what they like and I do it. I tell them to tell me what they like, too. Communication is key. Great fucks are not born; they are made. I am a great fuck because I listen and I can deliver. That's it."

Sara Jay is one of those white chicks with a stacked pair of tits and a round, fat ass. And although she doesn't do anal, when you can throw down the pussy like Sara does, who cares? Sara will fuck you every which way and in every position until you cum all over her. By the time she is done with you, anal won't even be necessary. She is that good at fucking.

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Felicia Clover – Pale Pounder

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Pale Pounder

"I am 20 years old, I live in Las Vegas and I am a cam model," said Felicia Clover, a stunner who has the tits to be a star in Voluptuous magazine and the ass to be a star in BootyLicious. "I have a golden retriever who is the love of my life. I really like doing outdoorsy stuff, so since Vegas is so hot, I like to go swimming a lot. And sometimes I have sex while driving or when I am at the movies. I am a nice bad girl."

Okay, so let's start with sex in the movie theater.

"First of all, we find a movie theater that is really empty," she said. "Then we sneak in after the movie starts so that people are not paying attention to us. And then I have cowgirl sex in the chair. You know, bouncing up and down on the dick. But we have to be very, very, very quiet."

And as for while driving, which sounds a lot trickier...

"Well, first you find a deserted road. The more deserted, the better so you don't run into anyone. Then I have the guy lay down in the driver's seat and he puts his foot on the gas. Then I sit on his dick, reverse, and do all the steering while we have sex. I totally suggest that people try it!"

Fine, but can we try it with you, Felicia?

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