Chelsea Mourning – Nail That Pale Tail!

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Nail That Pale Tail!

Chelsea looks like a nice little white chick...until she turns around and you see her bubble ass that looks like it could take a stiff dick (Or two!). She comes over to her booty call's house and the minute this hung stud sees her vanilla caboose, he is all about it. He tosses her salad and then eats that pussy to get it nice and wet for his big, black cock. And when he slips her the beef, she squeals and screams cause she is the horniest white chick you've ever seen. He hits that onion over and over, letting it bounce on his dick until he creams her cheeks. And because she knows that fresh cum is a terrible thing to waste, Chelsea scoops some up and puts it in her mouth like a good girl!

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Chelsea Mourning – Your Cream Dream

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Your Cream Dream

Nice to see you again, Chelsea! In the January '11 issue you posed by a pool...
"And all by my lonesome! I know. But then I saw this big dick and I had to come back and get myself a piece of it. I can never turn down a big, black dick, especially when I can't even wrap my hand around it! Trust me when I tell you after I fucked it, I was walking really funny for days!"

Don't you have a girlfriend? Did she mind that you got turned out?
"Yes I do and she was watching my pussy get split by this dick the whole time. I even caught her playing with her pussy while she watched. She loved every second of it. We share guys all the time!"

What was the best thing about this scene for you?
"I loved the doggie-style. I must have cum like five times in a row. But I also loved the mouth-load of cum, too. It was delicious."

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Pinky – Booty Camp Threeway

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Booty Camp Threeway

Commander Pinky believes in keeping her privates active and her recruits even more active servicing her cunt and asshole. As we meet Pinky in her quarters, Soldier Steed massages Pinky's BootyLicious butt-cakes with white cream. Her riding crop keeps him on-target and on the job. Pinky is larger than life and so is her sex hyper-drive. Her fuckin' ass rules this military camp. She takes no prisoners. Recruit Jasmine excitedly enters Pinky's fuck outpost with some bullshit about her novio (Spanish for boyfriend). Pinky's not interested in Jasmine's soap operas. She wants Jasmine's butt; specifically, Pinky wants to lick Jasmine's Latin ass-cheeks and her little ass-hole with her saliva-dripping tongue. What a dirty bitch. She and Soldier take turns licking Jasmine's A-hole and once they get started, look out! It's a nasty, filthy three-way drill run by one of the nastiest, raunchiest, dirtiest hos in the entire adult video scene, Pinky! If you've never seen Pinky in fucking, sucking and salad-tossing action and never heard the filth that comes out of her mouth, chances are excellent that you will become Pinky's recruit after this video. At-ten-hut!


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Jasmin Villegas – Jasmin and Pinky: Booty Camp Three-way

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Jasmin and Pinky: Booty Camp Three-way

Pinky, tell us all about "Ass Worship 101."
"'Ass Worship 101' is all about a girl with a deserving booty learning how to appreciate it. She doesn't have to get fucked in her ass. I sure as hell don't! But she's gotta know that if she has a big, round ass, it was meant to be appreciated. It wasn't meant to be covered up. Give it some sun! Let the world see what you've got so they can worship it. That's what my new movie Big-Ass Boot Camp is all about. It's about teaching girls like Jasmin how to properly appreciate what they've got."

It's your turn, Jasmin. Tell us what you learned in Big-Ass Boot Camp.
"I learned that a finger in my ass is good and a dick is better. I learned that if you have an ass like mine, you've gotta stick it out when you're sucking a guy's dick and work it hard. A girl like me, guys might like me 'cause of my pretty face, but it's my ass they really want."

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Two Girls, One Cock

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Two Girls, One Cock

Raven Sky and Sweet Sinsacion are bff's. That's booty friends forever, for those of you not in the know. They share everything; clothes, accessories, makeup...cock. These ladies are so close that they like to lick each other's pussies and assholes and when they are dripping wet and about to cum, they like to share a stiff dick and take turns riding it. That's awfully friendly of them, isn't it? Sharing is caring and they look like they care a whole lot about this man meat. It's nice to see cock cooperation between two BootyLicious babes.

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