Rump Referee

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Rump Referee

Rump Referee

Welcome back to BootyLicious, Sara. In the Dec. '09 issue you told us about the process for a guy to get into your ass. This time, we want to know your sexual fantasies.

"I have lots of dirty fantasies that I will be more than happy to tell you about. My favorite one is that I am tied up and licked and fucked by two guys. I don't mean just fucked one at a time, either. I would love them to be inside me at the same time. Maybe one of them could be fucking my mouth and one be drilling my wet pussy. Or maybe one guy could be in my ass and one be fucking my mouth. Being speared by two hard dicks is hot to fantasize about, I think. Especially when I want to rub one out."

We think that's a very hot fantasy to use for inspiration! Have you ever made that fantasy come true?

"[Laughs.] Let's just say that I have come close. I haven't had a threesome with two men, but I did have one with a man and a woman and it was probably the best sex that I have ever had. There was a lot of licking involved. She ate my pussy and he ate my asshole at the same time while I went crazy grinding and moaning. All that wetness and those two tongues forcing their way into my holes was amazing. I came from just the oral alone. Not to mention that I let her strap one on and fuck my tight asshole while I rode his cock like a wild woman. Women with strap-ons are another one of my favorite, dirty, little sexual fantasies."

Okay, so you like threesomes, you are into anal and you like it when women strap-on fake cocks and spear your asshole...we don't know about you, but to us, you sound like the perfect woman. Tell us another kinky fantasy of yours.

"[Laughs.] Well, I love to dress in costumes during sex. And I love burly men. And I live by a park where a bunch of guys play flag football on the weekends. So, one late afternoon I went out there in a little referee outfit and asked them if they needed someone to enforce the rules of the game for them. They all laughed, but one of them gave me a look that said he wanted to rip me apart. And he did. Right after the game at my apartment! And I wore the costume the whole time!"

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