Saisha McKenzie – Slick for a spankin’!

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Slick for a spankin'!

Welcome back to BootyLicious, Saisha. In the October '08 issue, you wanted to be bent over and spanked hard...
"Yup, and I've been getting that ass loving ever since! Being in BootyLicious really helped to boost my confidence and was a great way for me to connect with guys who like to worship asses like mine. Now, I get spanked all the time."

And what other kinds of ass play are you into? Just spanking or is there more?
"Spanking is by far my favorite because I am very submissive and want to be disciplined by men. But I don't mind sitting on my lover's face and grinding my ass all over his tongue and nose until I cum. That was a first for me, but
now that I've tried it, I am into it."

Is there a right way to spank someone, Saisha?
"Yes there is. You have to cup your hand a little and then bring it down really fast on the ass cheek. If you leave your hand flat, it will hurt. And by cupping the hand a little, you get this really loud slapping noise and a little bit of pain. It feels good. And the loud noise is what makes it really exciting."

What about anal? Are you into that, too?
"Actually, I've been experimenting with sex toys while I have sex. So far, I kind of like having a cock in my pussy and a toy in my ass. The orgasms are very intense!"

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