Starr Power

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Starr Power

The day that Henry first saw his curvaceous new neighbor lifting boxes out of the moving truck, his once boring life was forever changed for two reasons. The first was that he recognized her instantly as porn star Kelly Starr. The second was that upon realizing who she was, he was so overcome that he lost his footing on the ladder he was standing on while clearing out his storm gutters and toppled to the ground with a loud thud. Even though he was momentarily stunned when he first slammed into the concrete, he gathered his wits and jumped up rather quickly, brushing himself off and exclaiming to no one in particular, "It's okay. I am okay. I am fine." "Well thank goodness you're okay, sugar," said a deep and silky voice behind him. He didn't have to turn around to know that voice belonged to Kelly Starr and that she had seen his less-than-graceful fall from the ladder just a few moments before. So with as much dignity as he could muster after his fall, he turned around and was face-to-face with the woman who dominated all of his sexual fantasies. "Hi," he said to her tits before he realized that he was staring everywhere but her face. He quickly lifted his eyes to her face and her warm and inviting smile made the corners of his mouth pick up. "I am your clumsy neighbor Henry. Welcome to the neighborhood..." he stopped himself from calling her Kelly Starr because he didn't want her to know that he jacked off to her all the time. "Hi Henry," she said and extended her hand to him. "I guess that makes me your new neighbor Kelly. I have never had such an epic welcome before. I mean, men have fallen for me before, but never from such a dangerous height," she said laughing. Is she flirting with me? Henry thought to himself as he laughed at her joke. She can't be flirting with me. "Well, I am sure men fall at your feet all the time, Kelly. But I am just a clumsy guy. One second I was up there and the next, I was lying on the ground." "I saw that. It looked pretty bad. Are you okay? Are you hurt?" she said and reached out to touch his arm. "Oh, you're not okay. You are bleeding Henry." He looked down and saw a nasty gash on his arm where he had grazed the storm drain on his way down. Droplets of blood were starting to drip down his arm on his shirt. "Oh, shit!" he said and pressed his arm into his T-shirt. "Come with me, Henry," Kelly said, and started walking across his lawn to her house next door. "I already unpacked my kitchen stuff and I have a First Aid kit in there." As she walked away from him, he stared at her small waist and phenomenal ass. They were further accentuated by the tight white top she was wearing and the barely there jean shorts that were straining against her massive caboose. Well, stop staring at her ass and follow her, stupid, Henry thought to himself as he trudged after her. She walked in through her garage and Henry followed suit. The door leading into her house took him into her kitchen where he found her standing on her tiptoes, pulling a First Aid kit out of a cabinet. "Have a seat right there and let's get you fixed up," she said, motioning to the bar stools lined up against her kitchen counter. Henry sat down and reminded himself that getting a boner while a woman was administering First Aid was wrong. "This might hurt a little," she said, cleaning his wound with some hydrogen peroxide. It might have stung another man, but all of Henry's concentration was focused on telling his dick to chill out because being this close to Kelly's hard nipples that were currently about three inches from his face was making his dick hard. In fact, it was so painfully erect that he had to shift in his seat to keep it from tenting his shorts up. Kelly saw him shift uncomfortably and she thought he was in pain. "Oh, I am sorry. Does it burn? Here, let me help," she said and leaned down to blow on the areas that she had cleaned. She was now a few inches from his dick. The proximity of her face to his stiff tool was too much for him to handle. He sprung out of his chair, almost toppling it over. "I'm fine, really. I am fine. Thank you for your help. You are a great nurse. I have to go. Thanks," he said and practically ran out of her kitchen and back to his house.

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