Mamacita Mound

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Mamacita Mound

Mamacita Mound

Welcome to BootyLicious, Ninel. You’re hot.

“Ay, muchas gracias! That means thank you in Spanish. I am actually a Puerto Rican, so Spanish is my first language. You know what they say about Rican girls? That we are extra horny and we like to fuck. I can tell you right now that it’s true. I think about sex all day. How do you say it in English? Hard cock? Ay, yes! I dream about hard cock all the time and wake up wet!”

So what makes Puerto Rican girls hornier than the rest?

“Puerto Rican girls fuck men. Not the other way around. Other girls will lay there like dead fish and wait for it to be over. They don’t even like sex. Not Latinas. We take charge and we fuck a man so good that he might just cry tears of joy. We have no inhibitions. I know I don’t. I like to be wild. Nothing is off limits with me in the bedroom. Not even my asshole. I like to shake my ass for a man and then tell him to spank me nice and hard. The harder the better, because I like to hear the slapping of a big hand on my culo. It makes me spread my butt open really wide and ask for ass fucking. Men love to be asked that.”

Tell us about the wildest, nastiest thing you have ever done, Ninel.

“Oh, I made a really horny porno! I made this dirty movie with my sister’s husband while she was on business and it ended up being in Rican Rumpshakers! He is a gringo, a white man, and he loves Latinas. My sister is skinny and has no curves, so when she was away, I let him fuck my juicy ass.”

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