Vanilla Vixen

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Vanilla Vixen

Welcome to BootyLicious, Elizabeth. Tell us your dirtiest fantasies. "Thank you! I am so excited to be here. This is actually one of my fantasies. I have always wanted to be in a dirty magazine, showing off my ass so that horny guys could jack off to me. Some girls get mad when guys look at them and whistle and call out dirty things. But not me. I love all kinds of perverted attention from men."

So, what do you do for a living, Elizabeth? Are you an exotic dancer? "Close, but not really. I have a lot of jobs, actually. During the day, I go to school and wait tables at a local cafe. At night, I work as a cocktail waitress, not a dancer at a strip club. I like working at the strip club the best because I love watching the girls shake their asses and grind. I have something of an ass fetish. I have been with a few girls and I love to eat their asses and spank them. I also like to sit on guys' faces and grind my pussy and ass on them." So, you must be into anal sex... "I am into the idea of it but I haven't done it, yet. I want to really badly; I just haven't found the right guy, yet. But I know once I do it, I am going to love it. I already masturbate with a butt plug in my ass. I like to stick vibrators in my asshole when I play with my pussy, too. I cum the hardest when my ass is stuffed full and I work my clit with my fingers, so I think that I will be trying anal really soon."

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